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Build-A-Bear City Review!

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1 Build-A-Bear City Review! on Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:29 pm

Build A-Bear City

Design/Layout & Theme - Rating: Excellent
    My first impression about the design/layout and theme of your forum was good, I thought it was little fancy and calming design and atmosphere you have on the forum, all of the designs were really good at my eyes at the first glance and the forum looks a little bit professional with it. Now, going further on the review, I'd start with the design of the forum, the graphics are good, but somehow, and the fonts used are really fancy and not simple which is really good, the forum icons(new posts, no new post and forum is locked) are big but it fits exactly to the forum, so overall, the general forum design fits brilliantly on the forum, icons and banners relates greatly to the name of the forum, for the forum lay out/organization, since I haven't seen a lot of forums yet, I won't rate this criteria that much, the category table/color is really good, the overall theme is also good, fits exactly to the forum's name too and matches with the colors of the graphics. So I must say that the forum had a really good design. Keep it up!

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